uLinq is an Application Infrastructure Framework offering that enables our clients accelerate their application development by leveraging our application framework built on top of DRUPAL, an enterprise grade open source product.

Application Services

uLinq application services include CMS, Ecommerce, Event Ticketing, Payment Processing and CRM. This list is growing with every new solution we build out for clients. All these application services are exposed through a rich set of REST APIs.

Client Side Build Out

Utilize our backend application services to build powerful client-side applications. Our REST API layer offers complete flexibility to choose your client-side technology, whether it’s a mobile/tablet app or a browser-based application that uses UI frameworks like REACT and Angular.

B2B Integrations

Everything is REST! This means all our application services can be exposed to other applications easily.

Third Party Products and Frameworks

Utilize other open and closed source products and frameworks like Activiti for BPM or DROOLS for BRE or your custom applications to build powerful technology and enterprise solutions.

Subscription Based

Our application framework is available to you in a subscription model. We also have ability to deploy our services on-prem for you.

Contact information

220 Davidson Avenue, Suite 303, Somerset NJ 08873
(732) 952 0552