Software services organization that serves both as a Talent bridge for organizations that are building a team or need specialist to help with their project undertaking, driving innovation through tech focused talent.


thinkconnect™ - Help map and connect talent to customers’ objectives and work cultures enabling better resource fit resulting in higher resource productivity and retention

thinkshare™ - Collaborative learning sessions for our consultants, either online or live peer learning sessions resulting in cross-skill enhancement and ensuring resources are always learning and growing


Technology centric people organization that has tools and knowledge to qualify and unearth talent

Continuous mining of conversational channels to find human capital for the digital age. We are proactive in our approach and are always conversing with talent to understand their skill and aspirations so that we can align them with client that best serves both their goals.


You pay when we staff, risk free model that lets you tap our recruiting and consultants for your project needs

Discrete Staffing - Retainer Based

Fixed retainer where a dedicated account and specialized recruiting team works closely with you to find the right talent for project and/or full time hiring

Targeted and Turnkey

We provide a set of talent that works seamlessly with your tech team/PM on a blended team rate

Help you identify multi-skilled multi-member team within a fixed project budget (Blended rate)

Contact information

220 Davidson Avenue, Suite 303, Somerset NJ 08873
(732) 952 0552