Ad Tech

Do you want to create a digital ad marketplace that is fully white labelled for you? Introducing our technology that you can leverage to build, operate and own an Ad Network, a DSP, an SSP and a customer data platform.

Our technology is built from ground up by our engineers who have deep understanding of Ad tech space and low latency technology stack that is critical to operating an ad serving infrastructure cost effectively. Our smart distributed architecture can enable you to spin off ad delivery infrastructure within minutes in any geo of the world !

Ad Network

Our ad network product connects publisher website and in-app traffic with demand coming from advertisers and agencies.


Our DSP offering enables companies bid for traffic coming from exchanges to run campaigns for advertisers and agencies. Our RTB bidders are capable of handling thousands of requests per second to send bid responses within milliseconds. The DSP product comes with numerous features like traffic and ad quality control and bid optimization.


Our SSP offering enables publishers and ad networks put out their traffic to open marketplace where DSPs bid on the traffic. Our smart yield optimization algorithms have ability to compete bids coming from exchanges with directly sold campaigns to maximize earnings for SSP.

Customer Data Platform

Whether you are a digital media company that engages in media buying and selling, or a content platform that wishes to monetize your digital traffic, our platform offers the right tools and technology to help your business. If you are a brand that wishes to leverage your existing data infrastructure, our platform can help you build out a customer data platform.

Licensed and Subscription based

Our technology is available to you in a licensed or a SAAS model. Licensing our technology enables our clients take full control of their platform and infrastructure and our clients are not limited or constrained by high SAAS QPS limits and fees. We do however offer our platform in a subscription model for clients who may later migrate to an on prem model.

Contact information

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(732) 952 0552